Pool Construction

A house with a pool is often high on everyones list. The whole process of designing and installing a pool can seem daunting.

An initial site visit with Thomas is a great opportunity to start the ball rolling with options within your budget. An in ground pool can become an integral part of the landscaping and the planning stage is vital, as are ground checks and local planning submissions.

He will help you make the right choices for your particular situation and oversee the project from beginning to end.

An in ground pool is one that offers the most stunning feature. It is vital that all stages from planning to completion are managed and overseen. Thomas understands the whole process and works with reliable professionals to make sure every detail of the installation is perfectly executed.

The perfect Pool

As we also maintain and service numerous pools this experience can be useful for assisting you with all sorts of decisions. For example; what type of pool to install ?  How important the technicalities are. You will want your pool to run efficiently, be easy to clean and maintain and look good for many years. Thomas will discuss with you all the options available. You’ll need to consider carefully the costs involved.  It is  important also to get the technical aspects right at the very beginning. This will save you money in the long run.

Pool landscaping

Your pool is an integral part of the outdoor landscape. The surrounding terrace, planting, and shade options can be managed by us. You might want solar heating, pool lights and surround lights fitted to enhance the pool.

The type and colour of the pool liner will also make a difference to the look of your pool. We can show you examples of pools already installed for ideas.

Whatever your budget or needs, we can help you make the right decisions.