Rebuilding your home

Location, location ! You may find a complete ruin with great views. There are many in Le Marche and this can be the perfect way to realise your perfect Italian home. The walls that are still standing are the basic footprint of the property and will be recorded at the local planning offices. Separate barns/outbuildings can also be used as living space. This can be a blank canvas to work on after the demolition of the existing walls. This is a major renovation and rebuilding of walls and roof and structural changes which need to receive planning permission before going ahead. We have liased with many local planning offices and we can make sure that everything is in order.

The building team is essential with major works and our builders are familiar with Le Marche building styles and materials. They will be able to provide realistic time frames and outline costs. We’ll make sure that you are happy with any plans before you sign contracts.

Experience Matters

We really can’t stress this enough. Thomas, your project manager, has an eye for detail and has been involved in various renovations from concept to completion.

Lets us manage the finer details and complications. Then you can use your time and efforts in formulating ideas about how you wish your home to look like. Collect pictures and make lists. The more info we have at the beginning the better!