Your Project Manager

Let us oversee your property renovation. We can assist you through the restoration process and liase with architects, engineers, surveyors, builders … We are totally flexible and can be involved according to your needs. There will be so many decisions to make during the process of doing up an Italian property that a trusted project manager is pretty much essential and will save you time and money.

Your property should be visually pleasing and functional. Good design and planning will achieve this. We will help you with the process of going over detailed floor plans, maximising your space according to local regulations. If its a complete rebuild the utilisation of salvaged materials from the original building will result in an harmonious finished home that will look authentic. A house not being rebuilt may have some original features such as exposed brick walls, alcoves, even frescoes and will need careful renovation.

We have the experience

You will have endless options and choices to make which can feel daunting. We work with established builders who are used to working on old properties. Let us show you examples of building work, interiors and exteriors.

Contact us now and lets get started on the Italian property of your dreams!