Our Services

Your Project Manager

Renovate, restore or complete rebuild. We can assist you get it right, within a time frame and budget that suits you.

Rebuilding Your Home

Depending on the property, it may be the best option to rebuild. Using reclaimed materials means that the house still retains its character if you fell in love with an Italian ruin.

Restoring Your Property

If your property is structurally sound, then careful restoration of the building is an option.

Pool Construction

A quality pool installation will add value to your property renovation and will give it the wow factor. Landscaping for a pool area should ideally be considered alongside planning the house renovations.

Garden Design and Landscaping

Landscaping the area around your property is of course essential. Terraces, lawn areas, herb gardens, trees, mediteranaean planting …

We can help you create the look you wish by introducing you to specialist decorators, furniture makers etc as well as taking you to showrooms ( bathrooms/tiles) so you can begin to form an idea of how you want your house to look. The options are endless but with our experience we can help you create a practical and beautiful living space.

Le Marche

Le Marche, all of Italy in one beautiful region.