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Le Marche Home Services

Project Management Services for your Italian property

Reliable project management service in Le Marche since 2005.

Project Management


We can make your dream Italian home a reality!

Maybe you’ve purchased a ruin in a wonderful location and need help to restore it.

Or your property needs updating?

Are you are thinking of buying in Italy, but have no idea of renovation costs.

With our years of experience in Le Marche, our trusted contacts and great working relationships with builders, tradespeople and artisans, we can make the daunting process of restoration really happen. It doesn’t matter which estate agent you purchased your house from, as we aren’t tied in with any.

(we can however recommend some good ones)

We offer completely impartial advice and quotations on works. Even if you have been recommended certain builders etc it’s worth getting other opinions. Call us – what have you got to lose?


Firstly, you need to know the options. Rebuild from scratch ? Renovate what is there ? After an initial site visit we will consult with our geometra ( Italian buildings Surveyor) and the local council on the choices and possibilities and any restrictions.

Depending on the property you may need a geologist, or an engineer to thoroughly assess the site. Every case is different of course and this initial investigation provides a basis to move on from.

Planning Stage

Fluent in English, Italian and German ( written and spoken) Thomas will interpret and translate for you as needed. We have links with trusted builders and can show you egs of their work. They will assess the property and come up with a competitive quotation for the works required.

Before any work is agreed, your budget and timeframe will be examined, alongside builders/electricians/plumbers etc recommendations.

Once your renovation team is in place and all planning and legal issues are sorted then work can start.

Managing the Project

You probably can’t be on site as often as you’d like. So we will be there for you!

Co ordinating the whole process so things run as smoothly as possible, checking progress and liaising with all involved on an ongoing basis.

Thomas has the  ability to grasp the whole picture, understanding quickly the varying issues that can arise,  which makes for a successful project manager.  How everything fits into place and how decisions made in the now will effect the future look of the property and how it runs as a home.

How to negotiate and intervene when things change. How to iron out any potential problems before they happen!

Don’t forget the pool!!

If your dream is a pool of your own then you’ve come to the right place. A pool and  your outside space should be included in the initial budget, not be an afterthought. We are highly experienced in all areas of pool design,  and maintenance.

As well as installing pools we also manage 30 or so Le Marche pools and can advise re all aspects of installation, landscaping and running of pools. The options are endless and we can show you many egs of pools so you can make the best and most informed decisions!

That little bit more

We are truly passionate about the potential beauty of Le Marche properties. Both the houses which lie within the countryside landscape and those situated within the hill top villages. They all have precious links to the history of this special region of Italy.

It’s important to us to use local craftspeople, builders and tradesmen who inherently understand the place of the property within its setting, the best materials to use and how to re use any materials already on site.

Plus we are happy to share with you lots of insider tips to life in Italy, from where to source everything for your home to where to buy the best local wines!

Why us?

Experience of Italian Regulations

It maybe a minefield but we can guide you through!

professional contractors

We only work with tried and tested professionals, mostly local to Le Marche

Competitive Pricing

All costs will be clearly outlined. We will save you money as can negotiate competitive contracts.

Reliability and efficiency

As present clients will testify we are totally reliable and really care about your property!

Over 10 Years Experience

We’ve lived the dream ourselves – restoring several of our own Italian properties as well as those of others.

Regular feedback

Ongoing communication and updates via email/watsap etc